The #1 Reason Why Your Nonprofit NEEDS to be on Facebook

Nielsen, the company we most often associate with the ratings for our favorite TV shows, also does some fantastic research in other types of media. Case in point is their latest blockbuster release: “State of the Media: The Social Media Report.” In it are some fascinating facts and statistics including:

  • 53% of social network users follow brands (which includes nonprofits)
  • Social network users are more likely than other online consumers to be found at political rallies
  • Women watch more videos, men watch longer videos
  • Social media and blogs continue to dominate our online time as consumers, on our computers AND phones

Add to those statistics, Pew’s recent research:

  • 65% of adult internet users now say they use a social networking site daily

And you have the numbers that should make you assess and then re-assess your social media strategies.


Step 1: Do you have a social media presence? On which platforms?

Step 2: Do you have social media policies in place?

Step 3: Do you have a social media strategy? How detailed is it? (i.e. ‘have I tweeted today?’ vs. ‘What message is our organization working on today?’)

However the most important takeaway from Nielsen’s data is this graph here:

That 140,336 is for a single month alone in 2011 (specifically, May of 2011); and 140,336 is actually short for 140,336,000. That’s 140 million unique visitors for the month of May.

So if 65% of the adult population goes online everyday, and 140 million of them are checking their Facebook pages, it would probably be a good idea to make sure that your nonprofit has:

  1. a presence on Facebook
  2. a social media strategy in mind
  3. interesting content to keep your fan count growing and to make sure your followers keep coming back.


What do you think? Are you finding Facebook a helpful tool for your organization?

Are there other tools that you prefer to use in addition or instead?


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