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Case Study

The Brookings Institution

BCC has been developing and implementing national and regional media relations strategies for the release of major reports for the Brookings Institution's Metropolitan Policy Program (MPP) since 2008 as well as for the Brookings Institution Press. The purpose of these strategies is to garner public attention and influence policymakers in Congress and around the country. These have included the following:

  • Shrinking the Carbon Footprint of Metropolitan America
  • A Bridge to Somewhere: Rethinking American Transportation for the 21st Century
  • Boosting Productivity, Innovation, and Growth through a National Innovation Foundation
  • Clusters and Competitiveness: A New Federal Role for Stimulating Regional Economies
  • Reversal of Fortune: A New Look at Concentrated Poverty in the 2000’s
  • Job Sprawl Revisited: The Changing Geography of Metropolitan Employment
  • The Road… Less Traveled: An Analysis of Vehicle Miles Traveled Trends in the U.S
  • MetroMonitor
  • Export Nation: How U.S. Metros Lead National Export Growth and Boost Competitiveness
  • Brain Gain: Rethinking U.S. Immigration Policy

Our media outreach strategies for each report and book consist of crafting story angles that are compelling to journalists, strategizing on the most effective approach to placing stories, and producing press releases and email pitches that summarize the findings and messages of each report.  We develop a press list that includes reporters, editors and opinion writers in the appropriate beats for major national, regional and local print, television and radio outlets as well as blogs. We produce email blasts to journalists and conduct extensive outreach, fielding information requests and arranging interviews with spokespeople. 

Media pick up on these reports and books is extensive and often results in hundreds of hits in both national and local print and electronic outlets around the country.  Outlets include The New York Times, USA Today, the Washington Post, The Economist, Christian Science Monitor, CNN, Newsweek, US News, and Time.  Major market papers such as the Chicago Tribune, Dallas Morning News, Baltimore Sun, San Francisco Chronicle, Cincinnati Enquirer, Atlanta Journal Constitution, Miami Herald, Denver Post, Detroit Free Press, Sacramento Bee, Cleveland Plain Dealer, and Fort Worth Star Telegram, among many others, often pick up the story depending on how their areas are affected.  Many local radio and television stations also produce stories as well.