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Secure Your Financial Future

Securing your financial future means building a strong annual giving program, seeking major and planned gifts from those with capacity to do more, insuring against down times through a healthy reserve fund, and growing an endowment to insure that core programs are protected in perpetuity. To do this, you need three things: diversified funding sources, clarity of purpose and message, and a board that understands the importance of fundraising—not only why but how to do it. We can help you get there.

Annual Giving

A robust annual giving program is the bedrock of your fundraising program, supplying you with much needed operating income and providing the base of supporters from which will come major donors and planned givers.  We work with you to analyze your file, create fundraising copy, develop effective strategies, create the annual fund workplan, determine recognition strategies, and broker relationships with printers, designers, and other essential vendors.

Major and Planned Gifts

At BCC, we have all ‘cut our teeth’ on major and planned gifts, and so we can lead you through the process of creating or improving your program for maximum results. We help you identify who within your pool of donors is capable of making a major gift, devise cultivation and solicitation strategies that involve and engage prospective major donors, and advise you on how best to make the ask. When it comes to planned gifts, we have seasoned specialists ready to assist you with the technical details of marketing and closing on bequests, gifts of property, charitable gift annuities and other charitable trusts. We can help you start up your program, or take it to new heights. Plus, we can work directly with your donors if you need added bench strength.  

Capital Campaigns

Sooner or later organizations find themselves in a situation where they must raise a sum of money well in excess of annual giving. At BCC, all of our consultants have extensive experience with capital campaigns, either as staff leaders or as advisors, having helped raise more than $100 million in our careers. We will help you plan your campaign, assess your readiness to conduct it, and guide you through the many steps it will take to reach your goal.

Board Training and  Development

We conduct interactive board training sessions to take the fear out of fundraising and to help board members and volunteers become better at soliciting by learning how to say the right words, handle prospect objections, and close on gifts. Some say we even make soliciting fun. We also teach board members and volunteers about the many ways gifts can be made, something that is highly overlooked by boards—and how board members can help in ways other than soliciting—from opening doors and reviewing lists to hosting events and, of course, making gifts themselves.


Backing up all efforts to secure your organization’s future are systems—to monitor spending, record gifts, track moves with prospects, generate acknowledgements, receive gifts through your website, answer telephone inquiries—any one of which can, if not designed properly, cost you relationships and dollars. We will analyze your systems to improve your organization’s effectiveness—from the moment a donor calls to the time you send out the thank you letter. You run on systems—we can make sure they are the best.

Transition Counsel

At some point, your organization will be in transition. Your CEO will retire, your director of development will take another job, a board chair will resign, a campaign will begin or end. The way you manage transitions will determine the future viability of your organization: handle them well, and your donors will stay with you; handle them poorly, and you could dig yourself a very deep hole. At BCC, we understand how to address the challenges you face in transition. We will work with you to develop strategies that help you navigate through troubled waters and create opportunities to advance your fundraising, communications and capacity building priorities.