BCC & Associates | Aspen Center Turns to BCC for Campaign Counsel
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Aspen Center Turns to BCC for Campaign Counsel

aspen center for environmental studies

The Aspen Center for Environmental Studies will partner with BCC Senior Associate Jan Jennings and BCC Managing Partner Michael Brodie to design and implement a new fundraising initiative in celebration of the organization’s 50th anniversary.

ACES has worked since 1968 to inspire a life-long commitment to the earth by providing innovative and immersive programming for all ages. ACES has four locations: Hallam Lake, Rock Bottom Ranch, Catto Center at Toklat, and Spring Creek. Programs focus on ecological literacy, regenerative agriculture, forest and ecosystem health, land restoration, and environmental leadership. The campaign includes renovations to existing facilities, support for ACEA instructors, scholarships for disadvantaged young people, agricultural sustainability and habitat protection.

“BCC looks forward to a successful collaboration with one of Aspen’s most important non-profit organizations dedicated to protecting the vast beauty of this region and educating the next generation of environmental stewards.” said Michael Brodie, Managing partner of BCC.

For more information, please contact Michael at mbrodie@bcc-associates.com