Susan Corrice
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Susan Corrice


Susan has had a long and fulfilling 27-year career working in non-profits as a leader, change agent, fundraiser, and mentor. Utilizing her 21 years of non-profit leadership experience as Executive Director and Financial Director for a $1.4 million non-profit organization, Susan branched out in the past six years to provide a variety of administrative, grant, and fundraising consulting support for non-profits statewide.


Susan has directly managed teams of up to 27 colleagues and taught Early Childhood Education coursework as an instructor at Eastern CT State University. Her public advocacy, leadership and expertise in working with high quality non-profit management has led to requests for assistance from a variety of organizations, from State Funded human services agencies to small private 501-c-3 groups of various backgrounds and missions.


Susan’s expertise includes managing grants from private foundations as well as State and Federal contracts through RFP’s. She currently works with several experienced, retired colleagues collaboratively to support her community of non-profits and is a member of multiple Boards of Directors, providing Board and Executive Training, Strategic Planning, mission/vision work, grant writing, and fundraising.