Why Start a Planned Giving Program?
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Why Start a Planned Giving Program?

It’s the most effective way to build your organization’s endowment


It’s THE most cost-efficient way to fundraise. 1 cent spent on planned giving can earn $1. (MarketSmart)

PG Increases annual giving revenue (and major gifts). According to a 20+ year longitudinal study, annual giving increased by 75% after a planned gift was made (Dr. Russell James, 2013)

PG Demonstrates your investment in mission and long-term sustainability. For many larger nonprofits, planned giving receipts are providing 7% – 40% of the annual operating budget. Donors, foundations, and corporations are more apt to fund organizations that are fiscally healthy long-term.

PG Professionalizes your fundraising program. In 2018, planned giving/bequests accounted for 9%, or $35.7 billion of total $428 billion in charitable gifts made in the US. (Giving USA 2018)

Competition & opportunity. Your donors are already being solicited for planned gifts by their alma maters, hospitals, art organizations, and many others. You need to be in the game as well!

Helping to meet and exceed campaign goals. During the time you use to plan your campaign, we can recommend ways to include planned giving in your campaign.


Working with our Strategic Partner, Jan Jennings, President of Viking Consulting Services, here are just a few of the ways we can help make planned giving flourish for your organization:

A. Conducting a Planned Giving Assessment & Creating a customized Strategic/Tactical Plan

B. How to close on verbal bequest intentions

C. How to integrate planned gifts into your capital campaign

D. Jump-starting a moribund Planned Giving Program

E. Creation of PG materials and tool-kits for volunteers

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